About Us

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The VEC Group is an independent entity, and while not affiliated with, is operated out of the United States for the purpose of providing our services to the global audience. With respect to the global audience, access to our services is offered and provided via self-bond (self-link) only, which may exclude our services from being available to some individuals and/or entities.

We specialize in the conservation, preservation, and restoration of knowledge and life - ultimately ensuring that a bridge between the two remains, so as to allow both the ability to coexist in harmony.

An aspect of our efforts in that regard, is to provide global access to our services for those that are able (via self-bond), allowing for persons to be able to learn, experience, and grow as individuals - while inherently benefitting their families, friends, communities, species, and all other life by proxy, just by virtue of being able to better themselves - thereby inherently contributing to our own conservation, preservation, and restoration efforts.

All of our services are bound by and to our limitations of service to that end, as that end was always our beginning. We do not practice any forms of deception or exploitation, nor do we permit any person or party to access service with us for any deceptive or exploitative purposes.

We create, curate, and moderate all of our services without any third-party involvement, whatsoever, including all access to our services - however, we do work with individuals and entities with respect to accepting their appropriate input, as it directly relates to us creating a custom limited license for them. All of our services, including custom limited licenses and our systems and methods in place that allow us to provide persons with access to our services are our intellectual property, and are strictly safe-guarded as such, without any third-party involvement, whatsoever.

If any person or party ever attempts to access service with us by or through a non-affiliated third-party and/or bad-actor, regardless of whether or not they are attempting to purport that they are somehow affiliated with us, or have ownership/rights of or to our services, etc. - then we will inform the person or party attempting to access service with us of their situation, so as to ensure that they are fully aware with respect to whether or not the non-affiliated third-party and/or bad-actor is attempting to exploit them.

If you would like to know more about us and our services - including how we are able to help you and/or your entity - so long as you are able to establish your eligibility for access to service with us (as explained on our Eligibility page), we are able to provide you with appropriate periods of discussion as it relates to any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have.