Privacy Policy

Last updated July 5, 2024

This privacy policy for VEC Group Global, LLC ("VEC Group Global", "VEC Group", "we", "us", or "our"), describes how and why we might collect, store, use, and/or share ("process") your information when you use our services ("Services"), such as when you:

  • Visit our website at

  • Provide us with a payment for access to a payment required service

We value the discretion of anyone that is able to visit our website, and do not employ the use of any cookies, trackers, or other analytical methods that are able reveal the identity or exact location of a person accessing our website. However, our website is hosted by "Hostinger" (, which does automatically provide us with basic general information - specifically, we are able to view how many times our website is visited, including the country of the visitor (or the VPN location), as well as what type of device was used (i.e., mobile, tablet, desktop).

If you do not contact us via electronic correspondence (i.e., email or form submission), then that is the only information that we are privy to, and you remain completely anonymous to us.

If you do contact us via electronic correspondence (i.e., email or form submission) or by mail, then we of course will be privy to any information that you provide us with via your correspondence, including your preferred method of contact, allowing us to respond to you if applicable. Any information you provide us with is only used for the purpose of responding to you appropriately.

We do not process sensitive information, and we ask that no person or party ever provide us with any sensitive information, as there is no reason to do so.

Payment Data. We only accept payments via cryptocurrency, and may make exceptions with respect to using a third-party escrow service.

If we process a payment via a third-party escrow service, we are privy to some basic customer information. We do not share and/or sell any customer information that we are privy with default access to; however, if we are ever required to do so by law, then that is our legal obligation as a business entity.

With respect to payments made to us in cryptocurrency - we do not collect and/or store any information - although, transactions are recorded on the blockchain. If you prefer to not provide us with any information about yourself as a result of providing us with a payment for access to a payment required service, then we recommend you to purchase access to a service with us by providing us with the required payment using cryptocurrency.

If you have questions or comments about this policy, you may email us at or contact us by post at:

VEC Group Global, LLC

418 Broadway STE 4924

Albany, NY 12207

United States

The following privacy policy is for this website and electronic communications between us and persons or parties that are external to their self-bond access with us only - including payments for access to payment required services.

With respect to persons accessing service with us via self-bond, all access to our services, including the content of, is strictly confidential and protected by us.

If you have any privacy concerns with respect to us and/or our services, we will be to address them with you, directly via your self-bond access to service with us.