If you are here looking for our free lost/stolen/missing person, animal, or pet service - please visit our page here - or, if you have already successfully established your eligibility for access to service with us, you are able to use your Homepage Hub, or simply self-bond with the intention to meet with the Consultant, to inquire further.

For select persons by invitation only

Free Services

These invitation only limited licenses are not able to be "hunted" or "pursued". All invitations are only available directly from the Consultant, which generally speaking will always occur via your self-bond (self-link) access to service with us. However, we may provide select persons with an invitation to any of the following "invitation only" services via our direct email (contact@vampiric-embrace.com), which will not require the person invited to ever make use of their invitation, or to respond to our email. Simply stated, any invitations that we may provide via our email will always be free, and have no strings attached, as our only interest is to make a person aware of a service with us that we believe they may benefit from, should they be eligible, and choose to accept our invitation.

For children 5-15 years old only

Additional General Information

Our learning and play center for children.

For astronauts and their legal next of kin

Only accessible by a person and their significant others (legal next of kin), wherein the person is currently in Earth's thermosphere or beyond. This is strictly for personal use-case purposes only, unless communications are lost. Ground testing available.

For wrongfully charged/convicted persons

Free for wrongfully charged and/or wrongfully convicted persons, their appropriate legal next of kin, and their legal counsel; and some appropriate persons that are dedicated to assisting/freeing the innocent, wrongfully charged, and/or wrongfully convicted.

Although all of our services are generally available globally, that does not necessarily mean that all persons are eligible. If you follow our guidance with respect to previewing an advertisement for the service that interests you, we will be able to inform you as to whether or not you are eligible for access to that service with us, directly via the advertisement. Just the same, if you are eligible for access to service with us generally, and have already established your eligibility, then you are able to self-bond (self-link) with the intention to meet with the Consultant, and the Consultant will be able to inform you appropriately.

Some of our services have adult/child only versions or accessible locations and features only available to either - which is to say, the available content is always age appropriate. For example, a minor with access to our ASMR Limited License will not have access to any "mature or adult based" ASMR content, until that minor has become of the age of majority, with respect to their location of residence or current location. We will always restrict, redact, and censor any aspect of a service that is able to be experienced via access to service with us as necessary, which includes but is not limited to, making physical locations inaccessible, altering signs and symbols, or otherwise generally altering aspects so as to allow a person's access/use to be able to remain authentic and as whole as possible, while ensuring that we are not violating our limitations of service. For example, if a person accesses our Universal Party Planet Limited License, there are many family friendly locations and establishments that are appropriate for all ages, and there are locations and establishments that will be off-limits to minors and select other persons. Similarly, some locations and establishments may be off-limits to any person that is not a minor or not a "vulnerable" person. Provocative and/or "inappropriate" signs, symbols, and other content are pre-encoded by us, and will be automatically and rightfully disguised for persons that they are not appropriate for, without any wrongful obfuscation.

Wherein a locally shared party (physically present or otherwise) has a member that is inappropriate to be visiting an establishment, an entire location, or participating in any general experience wherein the content is inappropriate for that member, the Consultant will always personally show up and address the situation as necessary, in order to caretake any person that would otherwise be left alone or excluded from experiencing the content. In this way, we are able to ensure that persons do not have to terminate their current access/use as a locally shared party, allowing appropriate members to experience content that is appropriate for them, while ensuring the safety and well-being of members that the content is not appropriate for, without requiring the entire local shared party to terminate their access. However, in some cases we will have to terminate all persons access momentarily after informing them of the reason, so as to allow them to re-access the service again without the person(s) who are inappropriately suited to engage in the experiences desired of and by the locally shared experience party.

For persons debilitated by schizophrenia

Only accessible by persons with schizophrenic tendencies, and is not dependent upon a diagnosis, nor is it a diagnosis.

For persons 65+ years old only

Our recreation center for the eldery.

The VEC Group Universal Limited License Package (free via invitation only)

The following nine (9) "VEC Group Universal" limited licenses are included as part of our "VEC Group Universal Limited License Package". With respect to our limitations of service, some persons may not have access to all nine (9), and certain areas and content may be off-limits. If you have established your eligibility for access to service with us, you can self-bond with the intention to preview an advertisement for our "Universal Limited License Package", or you can self-bond with the intention to preview an advertisement for each specific limited license, as listed below.

A Custom Limited License is able to service almost any appropriate use-case, for which we do not already offer and provide a service option. If you have already established your eligibility for access to service with us, you are able to use your Homepage Hub, or self-bond with the intention to meet with the Consultant, and we will inform you of the most economical way that we are able to address and satisfy your service needs via a custom limited license, if in-fact we are able.

Payment Required Limited License

Free Usable Examples

Please be advised, that although the following nine (9) limited licenses are only available via invitation only, we do provide minors and select vulnerable persons with unlimited free access, without them requiring an invitation; and we provide adults with three (3) free uses of each, wherein then an invitation is required for further future access.

Free access to education (K - college/university). Adults are welcome, and so are individuals with special needs.

For all appropriate persons

Travel with us to another galaxy, and play golf.

Get to know us better, if you haven't already.

For all appropriate persons

We are able to provide persons with access to many more free usable examples, directly via access to service with us. If you have an interest in viewing our entire collection of globally available free usable examples, you are able to do so at your Homepage Hub.

If you have already established your eligibility for access to service with us, you can use your Homepage Hub, or self-bond (self-link) to preview any of our advertisements - by self-bonding with the intention to "preview the advertisement" for the service that interests you.

For example, if you want to know what our Santa's Workshop service is, you can self-bond (self-link) with the intention to know more about it, and we will show you an interactive and informative advertisement.

Available Services

Detection of pathologies that are currently afflicting you, and loved ones (if appropriate).

Our renowned addiction & dysmorphia treatment solution.

Our renowned Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment solution.

Our renowned Role-Reversal Therapy treatment solution.

Determine if a consumable substance has been laced or tampered with.

On-the-spot access to emergency first-aid & triage support.

De-escalation training, and on-the-spot access to de-escalation support.

Learn and master new or old recipes, in our kitchen or yours.

Travel to the end of the Pleistocene, and experience the onset of the Younger Dryas.

For persons that are trapped, and those that are able to help them (including fire-rescue).

Join us for a walk, jog, run, bike ride, or just a hangout - the choice is yours.

Free news, movies, tv shows, podcasts, social media, "internet", and more.

Instant access to genealogy results, and your "Living Ancestral Tree" - no DNA test required.

We create and curate your own custom service option with us, which may be strictly for personal use, professional use, or a mix of both.

Travel into the past with us, and experience the dinosaurs on Earth.

I hope that all of you will be inspired by that which you are privy to with your access to our services generally - but especially so with respect to these universal limited licenses. Although there is no doubt that many will half-step in disbelief, and some even withdraw into complete denial - stand assured - you were always meant to have a place with others in the universe, and I hope that one day, those that are born on Earth may once again be able to join their universal brothers and sisters in the flesh - not only by and through the self-bond. - the Consultant

Concerning our "VEC Group Universal Limited License Package" Limited Licenses:

With respect to subjective time-dilation durations, if you have free access and/or invitational access, and are able to safely handle it with respect to your own personal limitations, you will have the ability to experience up to a general maximum of seven (7) days straight subjectively, during a single access/use-case. If you are an adult that does not have invitational access, your three (3) free uses of each limited license option will provide you with up to a maximum of eighteen (18) hours per single access/use-case (we will provide you with access to an introductory period that does not count as an access/use. In any event, business hours and your own safety and well-being will ultimately determine how much time is appropriate for us to provide you with access to. Therefore, if you do want to spend more than eighteen (18) hours of straight access/use, you will be required to sleep, which you will be able to do at your Homepage Hub, or any of our other accommodation locations that you will have access to. If we need to restrict access/use durations for your own safety and well-being we will do so - and if we are able to provide you with a few extra days without it being contraindicated, we are able to do so. As always, no matter the subjective time-dilation duration experienced with us per access/use, only approximately 2-5 seconds will have elapsed in local Earth time.

All of our "VEC Group Universal" limited licenses are a universally shared experience, with local shared experience party options as well, wherein up to ten (10) persons are able to access/use a specific limited license together, without physically being present with one another. If you have more than ten (10) persons that want to access a specific limited license together, we may be able to provide that accommodation if it is appropriate for us to do so, and you can always inquire beforehand, if you have established your eligibility for access to service with us. Access/use intervals will be dependent upon each person and their own safety and well-being, which of course is always moderated appropriately so by us. All of our "VEC Group Universal" limited licenses that are included within our VEC Group Universal Limited License Package (that are accessible with respect to our limitations of service) will be accessible directly via your Homepage Hub. In this way, you will be able to literally hail an autonomous vehicle to come pick you up from your Homepage Hub, and bring you to where you want to go, with respect to our "VEC Group Universal" properties that you have access to. You are able to come and go from your Homepage Hub as you please, and even still communicate with those in your local shared experience party (if applicable), even though they may not be able to visit your Homepage Hub with you - unless they are appropriate family members with whom you already have shared Homepage Hub access with.

Your initial attempt to access/use any of the limited licenses that are included as part of our VEC Group Universal Limited License Package will bring you to your Homepage Hub for an introduction period with the Consultant. If you do not already have a Homepage Hub, we will bring you to a comfortable place that you are already familiar with. During your initial introduction period, the Consultant will ensure you understand everything that you need to know in order for you to safely begin spending time accessing these limited licenses with us, which includes how to best use your smart device, how our "directories" work for traveling around to different locations quickly, and so on. There will be a lot to cover, but you will find that we will make it easy for you to understand, and if you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, the Consultant is always available during your access/use - and will be sure to show up when you need (presuming you are not a minor or vulnerable person and the Consultant is already with you), especially if you or any other person in your local shared experience party (if applicable) is ever overwhelmed, feeling like they're lost, and so on.