The VEC Group offers access to this limited license completely for free, to select persons via "invitation" only, which is unable to be obtained by attempting to seek an invitation. If we invite you to access this service with us, your invitation will occur naturally during your access to service with us. Although all of our services are a privilege, this invitation is an additional privilege in and of itself, and is unable to be "hunted".

The VEC Group Universal Culinary Institute is our universally renowned state of the art culinary institute, that we created in order to provide individuals with the means to be able to share their visions of culinary excellence with their civilizations - by learning about and experiencing cuisine with us, and benefitting from our own ageless universal knowledge and experience in the culinary arts.

Although we own and operate many accredited educational institutions universally, which does include our Universal Culinary Institute - wherein individuals from all over the universe are able to participate in graduate programs that provide them with degrees, certificates, licenses, diplomas, and so on - we are unable to provide those accreditations to persons of Earth, as of course all of your time spent mastering the culinary arts with us is via self-bond only, and globally, we are not accredited. All persons will still receive the same level of professional education and experiences, and we will allow persons to participate in graduations with us, if desired.

Your own personal level of expertise and mastery that you are able to achieve with us, will be the only true merits that we are able to provide you with; and to that end, the majority of all experience and knowledge that you will gain with us, will be tailored around food and beverage sources that are native to Earth, although of course we will introduce you to universal cuisine as well, which you will be able to ultimately further advance your skills and abilities with, it is of interest to you.

If you are a person that we believe may benefit from having access to our Universal Culinary Institute, we will invite you to join us for an initial tour of our Universal Culinary Institute at your own pleasure and convenience. Your tour will be specifically tailored to and for you, such that we will show you clearly that which we are able to offer you, and answer any questions with respect to why we are offering you the opportunity to learn with us at our Universal Culinary Institute. Your time with us is of course voluntary, and if you accept our invitation, we will always tailor the experiences for you as a student, such that you are able to learn at your own pace, and without any pressure - because after all, we want you to be able to learn with us comfortably, and prepare you as best as we are able, for you to be able to share your passion for cuisine with others globally.

If you accept your invitation to join us at our Universal Culinary Institute as a student, subjective time-dilation does provide us, and you, with the opportunity to cover a lot of ground in a very short period of time, with respect to objective time on Earth. Based upon your own needs and level of dedication, in conjunction with our safe scheduling practices, you will find that you are able to become very proficient in previously unexplored aspects of the culinary arts, rather quickly.

Some persons will have the option to experience subjective time-dilation durations of up to five (5) days at a time - wherein they will have access to their own private on-site apartment/dorm for sleeping, and therefore be able to experience a "regular school week" with us. Other persons may only be able to join us for an hour or several hours at a time subjectively. Acceptable durations are always vetted by us beforehand, so as to ensure that a person is never able to be compromised with respect to their own security, safety, and well-being. No matter the subjective duration per access/use, as always, only approximately 2-5 seconds will have elapsed in local Earth time.

We may invite a person for a limited one-time experience with respect to a specific purpose, or several successive purpose driven uses, or we may even invite a person without expiration; however, as always we provide full access to, and not ownership of, and therefore with respect to our limitations of service, the privilege of access may be restricted and revoked if the person with the access continually attempts to violate our limitations of service. If the person does continually attempt to violate our limitations of service, their access will always be initially temporarily redacted or restricted, and ample warnings will be provided long before we ever would fully restrict or permanently revoke their access. If the access does become fully restricted, that person will be made aware whether or not their access will ever be made available to them again during their life-time; however, some full restrictions will be permanent revocations of access.

If we invite you to access/use this limited license with us, that invitation may be "in-person" with the Consultant during your active access to service with us, or your invitation may be directly via your Homepage Hub. In any event, the Consultant will inform you how to access this invitational service with us.

The VEC Group Universal Culinary Institute Limited License

If you have already established your eligibility for service with us, you can use your Homepage Hub, or you can self-bond with the intention to learn more about our Universal Culinary Institute - and we will show you an interactive and informative advertisement.

If you attempt to access this service without a currently viable invitation, we will inform you that you are currently ineligible for access - and ask you if you want us to show you an advertisement for it anyways, or if you would like us to help you with another service that is available to you.