We are able to discern whether or not a person is attempting to access/use this limited license in order to ensure their own personal safety (or the safety of others) with respect to the consumption of a substance, or if a person or party is attempting to access/use this limited license to verify the integrity of a "product" that is intended for distribution or sale. This service is only for use with respect to a person's own voluntary consumption of a substance. If quality control is of interest to you, we may be able to address your needs through the purchase of a custom limited license with us.

This limited license provides persons with free access to information regarding whether or not a consumable substance is laced or "cut" with any other substances, that are otherwise not expected and/or known to be in the consumable substance.

For example, if you are a person that uses cocaine and you have cocaine that you plan on consuming, you will be able to access this service with us (presuming you are eligible), and therefore be able to determine if the cocaine has been cut with any potentially fatal additives, such as fentanyl and so on, before putting yourself at risk by consuming it.

This limited license is not tailored to and for substances that may be designated or considered illegal or illicit, and is applicable with respect to any consumable substances, including water.

Furthermore, with respect to general decorum, we will also permit this service to be used by a person to determine if another person has wrongfully committed an act against them - such as spitting in their food or drink - or that otherwise has unsafely and/or inappropriately handled their consumable beforehand, wherein such matters may have the potential to have serious health consequences for the consumer, and the consumer accesses this service with us before their consumption.

Simply stated, and even though our Uncut Me Limited License is primarily useful with respect to preventing an overdose situation from occurring, this limited license is not only viable for the detection of harmful properties in illicit substances.

The freewill and volition of a person or party to make their own decisions is never displaced or replaced by their ability to access our Uncut Me Limited License; which is to say, this limited license is not an excuse to project or attempt to displace your own inherent sovereignty and ability to make your own decisions as a person or party onto us. We are not distributors of physical consumable products globally, nor are we asking any person or party to consume physical products by virtue of providing access to this limited license generally. We provide this free service option to those who may benefit from it, by allowing them to rightfully prevent their own personal detriment, and the detriment of others if applicable - and not as an encouragement with respect to a person's decision to perpetuate their own personal consumption of any substances.

We are cautious to prevent persons from "abusing" this limited license, and for the avoidance of doubt, we are able to address multiple consumables in a single access/use-case, so as to provide a person with peace of mind concerning multiple consumables - even if those consumables are foods, medications, personal hygiene products, and so on.

Subjective time-dilation is restricted to a general maximum of thirty (30) minutes per access/use - however, if we need more time to explain things to a person, we will provide provide them with more time. As always, no matter the subjective duration experienced, only approximately 2-5 seconds in local Earth time will have elapsed. Access/use intervals will always be appropriate with respect to a person's own safety and well-being, and so long as a person has access to service with us, we will not deny a person access, if their access will prevent their own injury or death (or the injury or death of another person), wherein the situation/consumable is strictly related to recreational or voluntary use.

In order to successfully use this limited license, all you have to do is self-bond with the intention of experiencing the "Uncut Me Limited License". It is that simple.

Your initial successful access/use will bring you your Homepage Hub, wherein the Consultant will explain to you how to access this service with us via self-bond in your own way, as well as how to access it directly via your Homepage Hub. If you have not yet chosen a Homepage Hub with us, we will bring you to our own universal Homepage Hub, as described briefly on our eligibility page.

Uncut Me Limited License

If you have already established your eligibility for service with us, you can use your Homepage Hub, or you can self-bond with the intention to learn more about our Uncut Me Limited License - and we will show you an interactive and informative advertisement.