This limited license is only available to a person that is currently in Earth's thermosphere or beyond, and their appropriate legal next of kin that are back on Earth, during the person's current journey. For the avoidance of doubt, accessing/using our services wherein your consciousness is not strictly isolated to Earth only, does not allow you to access this limited license, as your physical body is still on Earth.

We will only allow an astronaut to access this service with respect to communications with their command back on Earth, wherein all communications are otherwise lost - however, the primary purpose of this limited license is to allow astronauts the opportunity for interaction with their appropriate family members in a physical and personal meaningful way, without the requirement for standard communication methods (i.e., satellite communications, etc.).

In this way, astronauts are able to experience the physical comforts of their loved ones, and allow their minds a reprieve from their current "encapsulated" situation - thereby enabling them to better serve their mission purpose, no matter the duration, without having to be otherwise "cut-off" from their families.

We will not permit an astronaut to use this service in order to relay real-time data to those on Earth, wherein that data is related to or concerned with intelligence gathering and dissemination, or any other context that is in violation of our limitations of service. Wherein a person or party is attempting to use this limited license inappropriately, even by attempting to moderate a loved ones access and/or have them report that which they are doing with their loved one that is in space, we will cease all access for that astronaut and their family members, and all parties will be free to use normal lines of communication external to service with us.

If you are an appropriate person to have access to this limited license, you will be made aware via your access to any other service with us.

Subjective time-dilation is set at a general maximum of six (6) hours, and access/use intervals will be dependent upon the safety and well-being of the astronaut, other astronauts currently with them, and their current mission. As always, no matter the subjective duration of time experienced per access/use of this service with us, only approximately 2-5 seconds will have elapsed in local Earth time.

As always, we provide full access to, and not ownership of, and therefore with respect to our limitations of service, the privilege of access may be restricted and revoked if the person with the access continually attempts to violate our limitations of service. If the person does continually attempt to violate our limitations of service, their access will always be initially temporarily redacted or restricted, and ample warnings will be provided long before we ever would fully restrict or permanently revoke their access. If the access does become fully restricted, that person will be made aware whether or not their access will ever be made available to them again during their life-time; however, some full restrictions will be permanent revocations of access.

In any event, we hope that this limited license will serve any astronauts and their families well, as it is our humble privilege to be able to provide some extra relief and comfort.

The Astronaut Limited License

If you have already established your eligibility for service with us, you can use your Homepage Hub, or you can self-bond with the intention to learn more about our "The Astronaut Limited License" - and we will show you an interactive and informative advertisement.