Our universally renowned VEC Group Universal Center for Children is an expansive state of the art universal play and learning center, dedicated to and for children between the ages of 5-15, universally - wherein they are able to safely learn, play, and spend time with other children. The facility itself provides children with the opportunity to experience almost any geological biome possible, as we have entire sections both indoors and outdoors, that we are able to modify to that end. The weather is always perfect outside, and we do keep it that way so as to ensure children are able to spend time outside enjoying our parks, playgrounds, and nature itself - however, we also enjoy a good "snow or rain day", wherein children can play in the snow, and safely play in the rain - as not all children may have that opportunity with respect to where they are from and/or live.

For the most part, only children of the same general age bracket will be able to experience the universal shared experience together, as each age bracket has its own unique "shard" or "living memory" - which we moderate with a 3 year acceptable age difference. That is to say, a 5 year old will mainly only ever encounter other children aged 5-8 years old - and children 15 years of age, will only ever encounter other children between the ages of 12 and 15, and so on; although we do have collective events that include all age brackets, which do allow for the inclusion of approved parental/legal guardians. Children with special needs are welcome, as long as they are able to self-bond safely, and we are able to address any concerns in that regard, or any other, with their parental/legal guardian(s) directly via their Homepage Hub, or self-bond with the intention to meet with the Consultant to that end.

All children are always appropriately supervised to ensure their safety and well-being, and all children are always in "safe-mode" - wherein no person or party, including themselves, is able to harm them, or otherwise cause them to be in an unbecoming or inappropriate situation. The Consultant is always present somewhere, so as to personally ensure the safety and well-being of any children that are with us, and also to ensure that any of our curators and caretakers are also safe and well.

All of our curator and caretakers are of course thoroughly vetted, which includes a mandatory non-invasive, instantaneous pre/post screening, that surviving parental/legal guardians are privy to be able to have explained to them, which includes showing them how it works. If you are already familiar with any of our services via your own access/use, then you will already know that our standards with respect to safety and well-being are very high, especially with respect to minors and vulnerable persons - and this limited license is no exception.

Concerning parental/legal guardians, this limited license is for children only, which inherently excludes any persons that are not between the ages of 5-15 from being able to access our Universal Center for Children - although we do have special events wherein parental/legal guardians are welcome, as already mentioned above. While the reasons why may not be obvious to you, we will inform you as to why we only permit children with access, and of course it is for the safety and well-being of all of the children that are spending time with us. That said, however, parental/legal guardians are able to stop by for a visit with their child/children by self-bonding at the same time to that end - as of course your child/children are yours and not ours, and we want you to be able to ensure that they are safe and well during their time with us, and we want you to get to know us, and our Universal Center for Children. Although you may have the option to view our calendar of upcoming events directly from your Homepage Hub, we will provide all children with the opportunity to invite their parental/legal guardians (as applicable) to join us with them for those events, as we are sure that you will enjoy them also, and we are sure that your children will appreciate being able to have you with them.

Many parental/legal guardians initially express concerns about "indoctrination", and rightfully so - however, informative discussions, individual structured learning, group structured learning, events, and so on, are never approached with any ideological agendas, so as to remain neutral and mindful of all backgrounds, values, cultures - which the Consultant is able to address further, if there are any concerns in that regard. Although we do not indoctrinate with respect to any agendas and ideologies, as you can imagine, and particularly so as our Universal Center for Children is a universally shared experience, children that spend their time with us come from all walks of life, and although all walks of life are welcome and respected, we do ensure that certain basic characteristics of behavior and good manner are not disregarded - such as ensuring that children treat other as they would want to be treated, and that they are respectful of each others differences.

Concerning children that are siblings, or close friends, that are more than 3 years of age apart, and want to access our Universal Center for Children together - each of them will have the ability to enter into the living memory of one another, so long as them doing so is appropriate, which also allows them to be able to check-in on one another, just to see how it's going. We value the importance of family and friendships, and to that end, all children that spend time with us will receive a smart device in the form of a simple wristband (or alternative smart device as necessary), that will allow them to locate any friends or siblings that are currently also accessing our Universal Center for Children, that will instruct them easily with respect to how to enter the living memory of their friend or sibling safely on their own - although we're always happy to help them if preferred or needed. Their smart device will also be able to inform them when their current access/use time is almost up, and provide them with their own instant access to information, such that they are able to use it to ask questions and be provided with the answers, presuming the questions are appropriate.

Although we do want to provide each child with as much time with us, as is appropriate for them, this service is not intended to take the place of their actual ability to live their lives external to their access to service with us, and learn and play with their local friends and families as applicable - and we are careful to ensure that all children, and their parental/legal guardian(s), do understand that. We do not have nap times, nor do we permit children to sleep during their access to this service with us, and wherein they become very tired, they will be able to self-terminate their own access, or we will be able to terminate their access automatically with a gentle notice beforehand.

Subjective time-dilation is limited to a maximum of six (6) hours per use-case, and the intervals between each use-case will be determined by each child's own specific needs, with respect to their own safety and well-being. As always, no matter the subjective duration of time experienced per access/use, only approximately 2-5 seconds will have elapsed in local Earth time. With respect to local shared experience parties, we will permit a general maximum of fifteen (15) persons to access this limited license together, and they do not have to be physically present together. We are able to make exceptions if it is appropriate for us to do so.

Access to this limited license will last for the duration of the child's full age range of 5-15 years old - however, as always, we are providing full access to, and not ownership of, and therefore with respect to our limitations of service, the privilege of access may be restricted and revoked if the child continually attempts to violate our limitations of service - albeit we are mindful that children are children. If the child does continually attempt to violate our limitations of service, their access will always be initially temporarily redacted or restricted, and ample warnings will be provided long before we ever would fully restrict or permanently revoke the access. If access does become fully restricted, the child will be made aware whether or not their access will ever be made available to them again; however, some full restrictions will be permanent revocations of access.

In order to successfully use this limited license, all you have to do is self-bond with the intention of experiencing the "VEC Group Universal Center for Children Limited License". It is that simple. We are able to understand inherent intentions, and so long as we understand that a child is attempting to visit our Universal Center for Children, then that is the access we will provide them with. For example, if a child is able have their intention to "visit our universal center for children", or "visit the playland", or "visit the VEC Group center", etc. - we will provide them with access. We are able to work with parental/legal guardians with respect to helping ensure their child/children is able to access service with us easily.

Your initial successful access/use will bring you your Homepage Hub, wherein the Consultant will explain to you how to access this service with us via self-bond in your own way, as well as how to access it directly via your Homepage Hub. We will have disabled any local shared experience party access options for your initial access, unless your initial shared access attempt is with appropriate members of your family in support of your access to this service, and you share a same Homepage Hub with them. If you have not yet chosen a Homepage Hub with us, we will bring you to our own universal Homepage Hub, as described briefly on our eligibility page.

If you are attempting to participate in a local shared experience party, there is no difference - however, ensure that each of you are attempting to self-bond only, and at the same time. You may do a "count-down" if that is the easiest way to ensure that you are doing it together. If you are trying to participate in a shared experience with another person that is not physically present with you, if you self-bond to meet with the Consultant, then the Consultant will be able to help you understand safe and effective ways to do that, and is also able to teach you how to do it while you are at your Homepage Hub. In any event, so long as you are appropriate persons to be accessing this limited license together for a shared experience, you will all find yourselves to be together at our Universal Center for Children.

If a person is absent upon your access/use, they may have inappropriately attempted to participate, they may have not been "ready" to participate, they may have declined to participate, or they may not have been an appropriate person to be participating in a shared experience with you. If a person somehow didn't successfully access with you, and we know they want to and are able to, we will inform you of this upon your established access, so as to allow you to terminate your access and then retry again with them.

The VEC Group Universal Center for Children Limited License

If you have already established your eligibility for service with us, you can use your Homepage Hub, or you can self-bond with the intention to learn more about our Universal Center for Children - and we will show you an interactive and informative advertisement.

Access to this limited license is strictly reserved for minors, 5-15 years of age only - excluding visitor access for their appropriate surviving parental/legal guardian(s). All minors under the age of 13 must have the informed consent and permission of a surviving parental/legal guardian, before we provide them with the ability to access to this limited license.