Please note, we provide all persons, regardless of age, with access to free education (K-12). If you are interested in learning about anything generally, and the matter of interest is inherently able to be addressed with your free access to our K-12 universal education initiative, we will of course inform you as such. If the subject matter, hobby, sport, skill-set, etc., is more advanced, and otherwise not able to be addressed by and through our universal education initiative, then of course we may oblige you via extending you an invitation to this service option with us.

The VEC Group offers access to this limited license completely for free, to select persons via "invitation" only, which is unable to be obtained by attempting to seek an invitation. If we invite you to access this service with us, your invitation will occur naturally during your access to service with us. Although all of our services are a privilege, this invitation is an additional privilege in and of itself, and is unable to be "hunted".

Providing others with opportunities to grow and develop both personally and professionally has always been a core aspect of our services, and no matter what the subject matter is (with respect to our limitations of service), if there is something that you want or need to learn how to do, or become a master of, so long as you have the capacity to learn and/or master it, and it is appropriate for us to be teaching it to you, then our only real limitation is you, with respect to your own level of commitment and drive to learn - and due to the fact that we employ the use of subjective time-dilation - time is on your side.

No matter what your personal tutoring needs are, you won't just be learning in a personal one-on-one classroom environment (although that option is available for most subject matters if preferred), you'll be learning by and through our ability to fully immerse you in the applicable subject matter - providing you with almost endless practical application opportunities - as we are able to provide you with the actual experiences necessary and required by you, for you to learn and become a master of anything that is appropriate for you, with our own general universal access that allows us to take you to the places and time periods that are the most beneficial, for you to be able to learn as quickly and as easily as possible.

Although the Consultant is able to personally tutor any subject matter in existence, wherein a subject matter is inappropriate for the Consultant to personally be teaching, or others are required to better enhance your understanding and ability, we are able to bring in any number of specialists that are necessary for you to learn safely, effectively, and efficiently. In this way, we are able to ensure that your experiences learning are always as easy as they are able to be - even though learning anything new requires a lot of effort and determination on your end, and becoming a master requires even more repetition, personal drive, and an end-goal focus designed to carry you through your experiences - and we are able to help you with all of that.

We have been providing this service universally for a very long time, and there are many individuals that have started as novices with no experience or expertise - ultimately becoming masters of their trade, sport, or profession. Although it is not always prudent for us to permit it, many professionals join as caretakers and curators when available to do so - serving as personal guides, coaches, trainers, or advisors, and otherwise simply being able to be mentors to others, that you will be able to engage with for your own personal support (if applicable) - even if that only entails playing a friendly game of catch with them, sharing jokes, or resting and relaxing together after a tough training or learning session.

We may invite a person for a limited one-time experience with respect to a specific purpose, or several successive purpose driven uses, or we may even invite a person without expiration; however, as always we provide full access to, and not ownership of, and therefore with respect to our limitations of service, the privilege of access may be restricted and revoked if the person with the access continually attempts to violate our limitations of service. If the person does continually attempt to violate our limitations of service, their access will always be initially temporarily redacted or restricted, and ample warnings will be provided long before we ever would fully restrict or permanently revoke their access. If the access does become fully restricted, that person will be made aware whether or not their access will ever be made available to them again during their life-time; however, some full restrictions will be permanent revocations of access. Subjective time-dilation with respect to any invitation will be limited to a maximum of eighteen (18) hours per access/use, and as always, no matter the subjective time spent with us, only approximately 2-5 seconds will have elapsed in local Earth time.

If we invite you to access/use this limited license with us, that invitation may be "in-person" with the Consultant during your active access to service with us, or your invitation may be directly via your Homepage Hub. In any event, the Consultant will inform you how to access this invitational service with us.

Personal Tutor Limited License

If you have already established your eligibility for service with us, you can use your Homepage Hub, or you can self-bond with the intention to learn more about our Personal Tutor Limited License - and we will show you an interactive and informative advertisement.

If you attempt to access this service without a currently viable invitation, we will inform you that you are currently ineligible for access - and ask you if you want us to show you an advertisement for it anyways, or if you would like us to help you with another service that is available to you.