The VEC Group set out long ago, on a vast endeavor to create a safe-haven for individuals from all over the universe, wherein they could just be, and raise their overall awareness with respect to themselves as individuals, species, and fellow inhabitants and members of a universal body. Originally, our Universal Party Planet was a solo planet, and although we still do consider it as such, we have relocated several other planets and moons to its location, and now serves as home to many universal refugees and commerce providers - allowing for universal trade, commerce, and safety generally. Although some areas are off-limits, with your access to this limited license you will be able to visit our Universal Party Planetary System - learning about and experiencing the universe in which you live. For persons that are only able to access it with us via self-bond, it serves primarily as a universal entertainment destination - and you will find there to be no shortage of things for you to do. You will able to immerse yourself in any and all entertainment, celebratory, and leisurely activities that are appropriate for you, and experience universal cultures in an unprecedented and safe way.

Although there are a large variety of "night-life" party options, you will also have access to live sports events, conventions, conferences, leisurely and educational activities such as botanical gardens, athletic campuses (for both personal and team based activities), parks, aquariums, zoos, theme parks, resorts, golf-courses, skateparks, casinos, beaches and other water-based activities, museums, cinemas, theaters, and almost any other point of attraction or activity that you may be interested in. Our Universal Party Planet System is a universal hotspot that boasts some of the best entertainment options, accommodations, shopping, restaurants, sport and leisurely activities, night-life and so on, and our Universal Party Planet System itself functions in the very same way as a typical international city would - albeit it is an entire system of planets and/or moons - a true universal melting pot.

There are many individuals from all over the universe that live their lives, operate their own businesses, and otherwise come and visit to enjoy some of the universal top tier destinations with respect to tourism, vacationing, and trade - and although it is an entire planetary system, all persons will only be able to access our "tourist" or "guest" areas, generally speaking (which are rather extensive), although special exceptions are able to be made that will permit certain persons access to visit other select areas from time to time. We ensure that all persons present (physically or not) are always in safe-mode, and we do respect the rights that we have given to those that live with us - and permit them to live their lives without having to worry about tourists or guests, wherein they are spending their time within their own communities.

That all being said, universal tourism is a primary endeavor that the VEC Group set out to accomplish with our Universal Party Planet initially, and thus it is so. With your access to this limited license, you will be able to explore and enjoy metropolises that span the horizon, which does include nature areas both within and external to the major populations centers that we provide you access to - and you will have access to countless hours of exploration, entertainment, leisurely activities, and even have access to local space ports, that will give you the opportunity to travel throughout our Universal Party Planet System - and to some of our other VEC Group properties, if doing so interests you (even though you are able to fast-travel or use a directory). The amount of culture that you will be able to experience (some actually native to Earth) will be unprecedented to you, which we cannot stress enough - and we are sure that whether you want to spend the day golfing at a top tier course, playing laser tag, going for a walk or a run, lounging on the balcony at a high-rise hotel, or experiencing any of the multitudes of locally available businesses and getting to know some of your universal brethren, that your time spent visiting our Universal Party Planet System will no doubt blow your mind.

If you are not a fan of the big city life, we of course have many less overwhelming areas throughout the planetary system itself that will serve you just as well; and in any event, no matter where you are, we do ensure that you are always protected, are unable to be exploited, and ensure that no crimes are ever able to occur in the areas that you are able to access (with respect to all individuals universally, not just persons from Earth). Simply stated, you will be "on vacation" with us, even if you do not consider it as such, and you will never have to worry about being the victim of any real crime, being assaulted, or being a victim of a mass casualty event, and so on. Although you are able to simply "party" with your access to this limited license, more importantly (at least to us), you will be able to spend time with others, experiencing your own culture, the culture of other civilizations, and our culture (if we are able to call it that) - and simply know what it feels like to visit and experience a universal point of diversity.

Since our Universal Party Planet System is a real place with physically present individuals, we are careful to ensure that all persons able to access/visit are behaving themselves accordingly, are not otherwise causing any problems for any of our curators and caretakers, any other guests or residents, and are not causing themselves any harm by falsely interpreting what our Universal Party Planet System is. We do have agreements with many local businesses that are not our own, so as to moderate them and ensure that they are never overpopulated - however there are many locally operated businesses that have maximum occupancies, and although they will accept your currency that we provide you with via your smart device, you may have to make a reservation at some locations, or you may even not be permitted access at all. Again, you will be experiencing actual cities, towns, villages, natural attractions and so on - all of which are inherently overseen by us one way or the other - although we allow business owners their own right to refuse to provide service to any person or party, presuming that they are not doing so in bad faith.

This limited license is safe for all ages, although young children, typically children 12 years old and younger, will require a parental/legal guardian to access/use this limited license with them, for them to have access. With that in mind, of course we have our own versions of strollers and so on, and are able to provide parental/legal guardians with assistance care-taking their children, in situations that it is appropriate for us to do so. If a child is able to access this service with us, and they are not with a parental/legal guardian, the Consultant will always personally chaperone them, ensure that they are safe and well, and are able to experience the things that interest them (presuming they are appropriate for them), all the while ensuring that no person or party is able to exploit them. With respect to any vulnerable and/or elderly persons, the Consultant will always ensure their safety and comfort, and try to facilitate as much access to experiences and enjoyment opportunities, as best able.

In order to successfully use your purchased access to this limited license, all you have to do is self-bond with the intention of experiencing the "VEC Group Universal Party Planet Limited License". It is that simple. First-time attempts to access this specific limited license, or any of our other "VEC Group Universal" limited licenses that are included as part of our VEC Group Universal Limited License Package, will bring you to your Homepage Hub for an introduction period with the Consultant. If you require purchased access, and do not currently have purchased access, we will show you an advertisement for this service in stead.

If you are attempting to participate in a local shared experience party, there is no difference - however, ensure that each of you are attempting to self-bond only, and at the same time. You may do a "count-down" if that is the easiest way to ensure that you are doing it together. If you are trying to participate in a shared experience with persons that are not physically present with you, if you self-bond to meet the Consultant, then the Consultant is able to help you understand safe and effective ways to do that, and is also able to teach you how to do it while you are at your Homepage Hub. In any event, so long as you are all appropriate persons to be accessing this limited license together, you will all find yourselves to be together at one of our VEC Group Universal Party Planet directories.

If a person is absent upon your access/use, they may have inappropriately attempted to participate, they may have not been "ready" to participate, they may have declined to participate, or they may not have been an appropriate person to be participating in a shared experience with you. If a person somehow didn't successfully access with you, and we know they want to and are able to, we will inform you of this upon your established access, so as to allow you to terminate your access and then retry again with them.

The VEC Group Universal Party Planet Limited License

If you have already established your eligibility for service with us, you can use your Homepage Hub, or you can self-bond with the intention to learn more about our Universal Party Planet - and we will show you an interactive and informative advertisement.

All minors (as defined by us) and select vulnerable persons are provided with free access - and all adults receive three (3) free uses without the requirement for an invitation. Please enjoy.