They may be extinct on Earth, but their living memories are not, and we are able to provide appropriate persons with the opportunity to be able to spend time experiencing the prehistoric period of the dinosaurs in a way that is not possible by or through anyone else. With access to this limited license, you will be brought to an actual living memory of the prehistoric Earth, allowing you to not just wonder what it would have been like to be alive when dinosaurs the were roaming the planet - as you will be able to travel back into the past with us, and experience it directly for yourself.

Although there are some rather scary possibilities that are able to be explored and experienced as it relates to actual dinosaurs, access to this limited license is always "rated for the person" with respect to their age and personal inherent limitations, and we will always ensure that no person is ever able to experience anything that is more than they are able to handle. As is the case with our free usable example version, or any other service for that matter, your safety and well-being is always primary - however, preserving the integrity of the time period itself as best as we are able, is also paramount. Although persons will have access to many "settlements/safe-zones" throughout the explorable geographic locations that we provide access to, and the ability to remain in "safe-mode" always, we also will permit person to be in "real-mode", presuming the person is able to appropriately handle it.

We have extended the duration of subjective time-dilation for this limited license to a general maximum of seven (7) full days straight. Due to the level of immersive content that you are able to experience, we will address access/use intervals with you, so as to ensure that you are able to enjoy your access to this service as you intend to, while never sacrificing your safety and well-being. As always, no matter the subjective duration experienced during each self-bond access/use, only approximately 2-5 seconds will have elapsed in local Earth time.

Local shared experience party options are limited to a general maximum of ten (10) persons - and all persons are not required to be physically present in the same location. In order to prevent any sense of "over population", or otherwise generally ruin the immersion of any person or local shared experience party, persons are always brought into their own isolated living memory, which does include members of the same local shared experience party.

All persons are restricted from any mining operations or resource location endeavors - however, we will permit persons to be able to conduct select non-invasive research during their access to this limited license, if appropriate. For persons that want to spend time in the water, the aquatic depth limit is still set at 100m generally - however, we do have some unique submersibles and research stations that will allow persons to experience greater depths if desirable.

If you are interested in conducting any personal or professional research with your access, please use your Homepage Hub, or self-bond with the intention to meet the Consultant, before purchasing access to this limited license - so as to ensure that we are able to satisfy your research use-cases, if your access/use is primarily contingent upon your ability to conduct research. We may or may not permit access to select research stations that we already have in-place for that purpose, so please inquire beforehand as just stated, and we will inform you as such.

All persons are still restricted from being able to "move through time" beyond the extinction period - however, appropriate persons will now be able to experience the extinction period with us (with respect to our limitations of service).

Considering the duration of time that a person or local shared experience party is able to subjectively experience while accessing/using this limited license, aspects of existence such as eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, and sleep, are all inherent - and if you intend to spend more than eighteen (18) subjective hours of access per self-bond, you will be required to sleep. Whether you want to just take a brief nap, have a full night's rest, etc., we have all of the facilities in-place required to satisfy your needs, and ensure your time is always enjoyable and appropriate in that regard.

In order to successfully use your purchased access to this limited license, all you have to do is self-bond with the intention of experiencing the "Dinosaurs of Earth Limited License". It is that simple.

Your initial successful access/use will bring you your Homepage Hub, wherein the Consultant will explain to you how to access this service with us via self-bond in your own way, as well as how to access it directly via your Homepage Hub. We will have disabled any local shared experience party access options for your initial access, unless your initial shared access attempt is with appropriate members of your family that also have access to this service with us, and you share a same Homepage Hub with them. If you have not yet chosen a Homepage Hub with us, we will bring you to our own universal Homepage Hub, as described briefly on our eligibility page.

If you are attempting to participate in a local shared experience party, there is no difference - however, ensure that each of you are attempting to self-bond only, and at the same time. You may do a "count-down" if that is the easiest way to ensure that you are doing it together. If you are trying to participate in a shared experience with another person that is not physically present with you, if you self-bond to meet with the Consultant, then the Consultant will be able to help you understand safe and effective ways to do that, and is also able to teach you how to do it while you are at your Homepage Hub. In any event, so long as you are appropriate persons to be accessing this limited license together for a shared experience, you will all find yourselves to be together at one of our safe-zones that you are all already familiar with, or you will find yourselves to be at your last location (as applicable).

If a person is absent upon your access/use, they may have inappropriately attempted to participate, they may have not been "ready" to participate, they may have declined to participate, or they may not have been an appropriate person to be participating in a shared experience with you. If a person somehow didn't successfully access with you, and we know they want to and are able to, we will inform you of this upon your established access, so as to allow you to terminate your access and then retry again with them.

Dinosaurs of Earth Limited License

If you have already established your eligibility for service with us, you can use your Homepage Hub, or you can self-bond with the intention to learn more about asset recovery - and we will show you an interactive and informative advertisement.