Our Kick-it Limited License is our universally renowned addiction and dysmorphia treatment solution. Generally speaking, and without stripping a person of their identity, we are able to provide persons with the ability to overcome any addiction and/or dysmorphia, without them necessarily having experience any subsequent withdrawal symptoms - however, there are cases wherein withdrawal symptoms are not negated by us at all, as it is not always appropriate for us to provide assistance in that regard.

Generally speaking, as it relates to addictions and dysmorphia - and regardless of a person's notions with respect to their want/desire/need to quit, change, be free, and so on - all persons are creatures of habit, in one way or another, and it is not uncommon for a person to feel awkward after having worked with us to rid them of a long-lasting and deeply rooted addiction and/or dysmorphia.

Although some persons will not experience any awkwardness, and be able to enjoy their newfound freedom - persons that have been filling voids within themselves, by and through addictions and/or dysmorphias, or whom have created voids by and through addictions and/or dysmorphias, more likely than not will require multiple sessions accessing this service with us, which may include aspects of our other free personal support services, so as to be able to ultimately find true comfort and wholeness within themselves. This is mostly true with respect to high frequency/serious addictions and dysmorphias that a person has deeply internalized as being an inherent part of their existence.

The treatment solutions that we provide persons with are not short-sighted, nor are they superficial - and are always tailored to and for each person. For example, if an addiction and/or dysmorphia are rooted in a childhood trauma, then we will address that trauma with the person. Simply stated, access to this service will allow us to facilitate a person's own self-healing - to whatever extent that self-healing may be. We will continue to work with persons as necessary, so as to ensure that they are able to become as whole as possible, if that is in-fact what the person desires, and are actively putting in effort both with us, and with respect to themselves and their lives external to their access to service with us.

Subjective time-dilation is set at a general maximum of twelve (12) hours per access/use, although if a person requires more time and we are able to provide them with it safely, we may permit them up to a maximum of eighteen (18) hours per access/use. As always, no matter the subjective duration, only approximately 2-5 seconds will have elapsed in local Earth time.

Our Kick-it Limited License is not a shared experience - however, we generally do use a person's Homepage Hub as our primary initial access location, and therefore if you are already accessing your Homepage Hub with others within your family (if applicable), the Consultant is able to discuss your treatment options and solutions with you and your family members, so long as you are present and have provided us with your informed consent and permission to do so, and it is appropriate for those discussions to occur. With respect to your actual treatment solutions and personal time spent with the Consultant (i.e., your actual access/use of this limited license), those experiences will be private.


[Although you will be receiving access to universally licensed medical professionals, the VEC Group (including the Consultant, and any applicable assistants of), are not licensed/registered medical providers/professionals on Earth.]

In order to successfully use this limited license, all you have to do is self-bond with the intention of experiencing the "Kick-it Limited License". It is that simple.

Your initial successful access/use will bring you your Homepage Hub, wherein the Consultant will explain to you how to access this service with us via self-bond in your own way, as well as how to access it directly via your Homepage Hub. If you have not yet chosen a Homepage Hub with us, we will bring you to our own universal Homepage Hub, as described briefly on our eligibility page.

Kick-it Limited License

If you have already established your eligibility for service with us, you can use your Homepage Hub, or you can self-bond with the intention to learn more about our addiction & dysmorphia treatment solutions - and we will show you an interactive and informative advertisement.